Coaches Convert Resolutions To Results

This is a simple message, yet a profound truth. Here we are at a new beginning. A time of year to be resolve anew to pursue personal and professional ambitions that could yield terrific tomorrow’s. Yet we hesitate. Formerly, follow through has fizzled. Desire was drowned by daunting. Many now prefer to resolve not to make resolutions, accepting lowered expectations now rather than deferred disappointment.


Coaches bring vital affirmation, curiosity, accountability, and focus, to enable us to triumph over our skill gaps, self confidence missives, and setbacks on the path to achievement.

My “Brown Eyes” and I moved to a new city this year. We toured a local gym, and purchased a 30 day trial membership to support our resolve to be more fit. We never went once, I am a bit chagrined to admit. Yet, we are the same couple who had vastly improved our fitness, strength and endurance by previously going to a gym consistently for FOUR YEARS…when we had our coach Andrew waiting for us. The price of being coached was actually far less than the cost of an less healthy lifestyle.

In the last couple of years, I added a valuable and hard earned Royal Roads University-Executive Coaching Certificate to my resume as a twenty year business owner and experienced sales professional. Without the vital assistance of my coaches Martin and Craig, I fear that my own self doubts, and procrastination may have rendered my business dreams and dollars to the dungeon of defeat. It isn’t always pretty, but with their coaching support, I am going with gusto.

Last year, we towed our mighty small sailboat, s/v Go With GUST-O across America to sail around Florida and over to the Bahamas. The four month experience expanded our horizons in more ways than we could have imagined. Send me a note if you would like to read the e Book of our trip blog. We would not have gone at all if not for our publicly expressed resolve and active coach support of dear friends in our sailing community. The two components are inseparable for success.

So friends…go ahead and declare a resolution. Make it public to anchor your motivation. Then get a coach to propel your resolve to reality over the sometimes rocky road you wouldn’t have missed for the world. Remember that “the impossible is worth doing, if it is fundamentally reasonable.”

Happy New Year! Go With GUSTO!


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