Executive Coaching

One of the characteristics of “Pure Coaching” is that it is entirely question based, and does not require any knowledge of the topic selected by the person being coached. While this speaks to the versatility of a well equipped coach, the related challenge is that business clients often want more insight and topic knowledge from their coach. They want to be collaborating with a coach who knows their world.

I am fluently bilingual in speaking “Owner”. Through my past training and experience as a principal in a multi location sales agency and distribution firm, I understand the complexities of balancing sales, administration, HR, IT, and finance inside a growth strategy. This ability to contextualize your issues, ask more targeted questions, and propose more relevant options, enables us to cut to the chase to develop the action initiatives so vital to coaching. Together, we can be more effective in anticipating the opportunities, roadblocks and growth requirements related to your vision.

My decades of training and success as an independent manufacturer’s sales representative has also provided experience at every level of client interaction, from the conceptual value proposition in the C suite, to distribution support, and on to the vitally important installation and maintenance components of a truly successful and repeatable business to business sale. Select Go With GUSTO coaching to fine tune your key sales staff engagement and performance toward agreed goals.


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