Two Positive Ways To Be Dissatisfied

Montana Cup 2015

Montana Cup 2015

Some time ago, I completed a personality profile assessment tool that asked me to circle words that I thought best described me. One of the words that always bothered me afterwards was “DISSATISFIED”.  Initially, one might link dissatisfaction to being a malcontent, or ungrateful. A little more thought time, however, also cast a couple of positives on being dissatisfied.
Being DISSATISFIED can reveal a positive drive for continual improvement. Where we are is good. As a matter of fact, I participated in celebrating the advancements that got us to this point. How, then, can I contribute to make it better? The challenge, here, is to ensure that we have the right motives to ensure that our critique is not critical. How can I leverage this quality to become a person of strong character, a better team member, or a more competitive company?
Being DISSATISFIED can protect us from the hazards of complacency. I am reading through The Man In The Mirror, by Patrick M. Morley. In a chapter on pride, Patrick reminds us of the hazards of complacency and resting on the wealth of our accomplishments, for pride lurks there. The wrong kind of pride will take us down. Introspection and honest evaluation, on the other hand, can serve up some valuable dissatisfaction if we have wavered from our personal or corporate purpose. Healthy dissatisfaction can maintain a proper balance of humility and focus.
Perhaps that is one reason that I enjoy the sport of sailing so much. I am happy to be on our boat GUST-O, at the mercy of the wind. Sometimes, I just need to enjoy the skills I have learned for a fun and safe day of cruising on the water. On race day, the controls are readily at hand to constantly tweek how I present a finely tuned boat to the ever changing wind while focused on sailing our very best time on the course. The debrief that follows, can make me a better sailor. Being dissatisfied can bring about satisfaction.
Would you have circled DISSATISFIED on the traits survey? Like many other attributes, dissatisfaction may be evident in you as a real positive. Properly channeled, you will Go With Gusto.


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