What Would You Exchange For More Revenue?

Forget about how many carbohydrates you consume in that slice of pizza! Don’t worry about how much fat there is in your Greek Yogurt! Don’t take too long celebrating that record sales threshold your team just crossed! You can do more! Even if you’re presently #1, it won’t last. You see, there is a greater danger lurking than an elevated cholesterol level or the rush of an award . We live in a society that that is fed a diet with a high content of dissatisfaction. That’s right. No matter what you did today, or how far you’ve come in the last year, we are inundated with overt and subliminal messages that there are new heights to achieve, limits to push, higher stakeholder expectations to satisfy, and nicer stuff to deserve.

So what are you willing to exchange to register a higher level of corporate sales or personal earnings than in the last period?


Here are a couple of questions to get you thinking:

  1. Would you exchange Balance for more revenue?

Corporate: Can manufacturing keep up with more sales? Is our product line deep enough to build sustained growth? Can we afford the extra inventory? Do we need to overhaul our CRM? Did we get this far by executing well on a great game plan, or just good fortune for a few quarters?

Personal: How much more upside is there in this position or career path? What would happen if I traveled more or took on a second income? What, or who would suffer?

  1. Would you exchange a revolution for revenue?

I learned in an economics class that companies grow by cycles of evolution and revolution. I think that this axiom can apply to individuals as well. Once you have worked existing infrastructure capacity or skill sets to their limitations, incremental improvement won’t take you much further.

Corporate: Are we ready and able make a strategic acquisition? Is it time to go public? Do we need to expand our territory? Do we need to recruit a whole new level of internal expertise. Should we sell? Are we willing to open our “War Chest” of reserves right now?

Personal: Am I willing to go back to school to enhance my skills? What is the cost of changing careers? Do we be happier and more prosperous by moving to a new location? Who can help me see my situation with fresh eyes? Is my family ready for this upheaval? Is this a selfish move? Is this the right time?

  1. Would you exchange your Brand Equity or your Integrity for more revenue?

Corporate: Would that tempting hard hitting advertising campaign change our image? How many corners can we cut in our product, customer service, or training before our external or internal brand takes a long term hit? Is the senior management reinforcing our long term brand ambitions? Could we launch a “B” brand? How will it be perceived?

Personal: Do I have to tread on some relationships to climb the promotion ladder? How do I feel about that? How will that change me? How is that goal both smart AND wise for me?


So, I ‘m all for striving to see what I or we can do. Perspiration still needs to exceed inspiration. At the same time, we should all have a sober look at the exchange we are going to be called upon to before we make the dash for the cash. A competent and courageous Executive Coach can help you to prepare for the climb, and minimize the potential for lingering dissatisfaction once you get there. I am comfortable exchanging my time in a complimentary conversation to see if we are a match to work together.


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