What Would You Exchange Today for Deeper Relationships?

An acquaintance once remarked to me “Who needs friends, when you have work!” That tongue in cheek remark was memorable because there was a nugget of truth embedded in it. So, why not face it rather than side step the fact that we are relational. Sure, some of us more so than others, but, we all need and benefit from strong, well developed relationships in all facets of our lives.

So, let me ask you: How purposeful are you about your personal, professional, and corporate relationships? What would you exchange from your current personal  behavior or change as a team in order to have the gratification and benefits that come with being “tight” with other people and firms?

Here are four suggestions to get you thinking:

“I would exchange my lack of focus to have that kind of relationship.”

Have you ever made a list of your “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” relationships? How are you nurturing your “A’s” and developing your “B’s”? Do you consciously terminate your “D’s” that constantly drain your batteries? (1)Where would you like to be with these key relationships? Powerful relationships require hard work by both parties. What are you prepared to invest to get there? Who is holding you capable to achieve that goal?

“I would exchange my present communications style to deepen my relationships”.

This is usually one of the most important pitfalls we all experience. Does the other party know of your intentions?  Just this week, I had another person express such intentions to me, proposing a business and friendship initiative. Wow! Just saying it was a simple but profound act that impacted both of us. Now we can discuss details, shared ambitions, mutual responsibilities, and success milestones.

How skilled are you at listening? Can you recount what is important to the other person for a deep personal relationship, or how they measure a strong business association that is the envy of your competition?

“I would exchange my thin skin for deeper and stronger relationships.”

We do need to have a sense that there is mutual benefit to strong corporate or friendship ties, but the scales are not always perfectly balanced. Are you too concerned for what’s in it for you? What do you bring to this relationship? What can you do to be more resilient and responsive on the outside, and yet stay sensitive and open on the inside?

“I would exchange my impatience and short term outlook for a deep, long lasting relationship.”

Our world measures corporate results by the quarter and personal relationships by how responsive you are to my Tweets. How will you counter this trend in order to build enduring relationships? What example can you highlight to demonstrate that longer term investing perspective in your actions? What feedback are you looking for and delivering to reinforce your intentions?

So…what would YOU exchange from the way you are today in order to be richer in relationships tomorrow?  I would love to hear your example of something expendable, or of a successful exchange you have made for such a valuable prize.

Who is empowering you to make this exchange a new behavior reality rather than just another provocative post that falls into the “someday” file? Consider a relationship with a courageous certified coach that will bring clarity, challenge, and celebration to that journey of growth with you. I would be pleased to offer a complimentary coaching conversation  in exchange for that deeper relationship.


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