Who Is On Your Support Team?

Did you ever think about your team of support personnel? You probably have an accountant, an attorney, doctor(s), a hairstylist, a barista, and a trainer at the gym. I am sure that some of you may also have specialists such as nutritionists, tutors, and maybe even a sommelier or a plumber that you consider to be crucial to making it through life. These “situational” experts all come along side with niche services for the moment, but…do they really help the whole YOU to know, focus, and achieve your ambitions?

A competent trained coach will collaborate by listening intently and confidentially to know you and your vision for the future. Can you recall conversations where you felt that you were truly Seen, Heard, & Understood by the other person? Your coach will dig to know exactly where you are today, where you want to go, and then champion your effort with challenging questions, honest feedback, ideas, and support to keep a laser on living that life.

Be prepared for a life changing experience! You will likely discard or shift some old thinking that was weighing you down, and perhaps acquire some new skills, beliefs, and habits that will position you to live out what you thought were only dreams. Your coach will hold you capable to demonstrate your very specific intentions because I believe that you have the ability to get there. Your coach will be there to get through the inevitable trips or doubts experienced along the way up.

A great coach will often step aside after a job well done together once the NEW YOU has reached and run on the next plateau.  Your coach will be ready to accept your invitation to seamlessly step back on to your sidelines to listen, probe, prod, and applaud as your advocate for your next adventure.

Do you have this essential coaching element on your support team today? I would welcome your e-mail note to have that complimentary first conversation to explore the fit for working together.


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