Your Commitment Must Cover The Cost Of Your Choices

16-12-2015 10-44-49 PMFor some time now, coffee conversations between Brown Eyes and I have been feeding the desire to break away from the decades of our suburban routine. Business changes, health alerts, and an abnormally buoyant local real estate market provided the inertia to act, and finally break out of our orbit.
For the last 18 months, we have been living an itinerant lifestyle that meant leaving the spacious house, selling or storing our belongings, being resident RV guests of two gracious couples for two summers, and house sitting for snowbird friends who travel south each winter. Early in the new year (2016), we will be migrating south on a great Land & Sea adventure of our own. It all sounds liberating unless you are the one in the photo.

The transition has tested our commitment levels in several respects:PA123336
• The unexpected announcement of a new grand child, causing us to reconsider and revise the plan.
• Withdrawal pains from being home owners. Being of “No Fixed Address” (even if only for a short time) can be emotionally draining. We can be more irritable.
• You feel like you are living out of a suitcase all of the time. Well, it’s true actually.
• Storage fees and other misc. expenses reduce the savings.
• More personal resiliency is required to handle altered living conditions. We must always remind ourselves of the goal.
• Where you are the primary visionary for the new reality, you may also be required to supply motivation for your partner’s misgivings.

Unexpected benefits can reduce the cost of our choices:
• A first grandchild makes much of the inconvenience seem trivial.
• Housing prices are now falling locally, while our equity is in a savings investment.
• Sitting outside of our previous circumstance affords us a fresh and valuable viewpoint on which path to take next.
• The generosity of friends has made for renewed and deepened relationships.
• Living expenses have decreased while we decide on a way forward.
Profound changes are exciting, but come at a price. Is our commitment adequate to cover the cost of our choices? If so, we can prevail in achieving our goal. If not…disappointment.

My training to become a Certified Executive Coach included a lot of emphasis on listening for, and verifying, the client’s motivation and related abilities. After all, we can only assist people who have a combination of commitment and necessary skills that is greater than the obstacles to be overcome.

During this Christmas season, I am reminded of the commitment level that God has for u16-12-2015 10-37-46 PMs to establish a relationship with Him. He reached out to be personal among us in the form of his Saviour son, Jesus. Then, under the greatest human strain, took all of our acts and shortcomings on Him, in order to pay our bill. Easter Sunday is the proof. He has the plan, the desire, and the authority to support His commitment. The ultimate object lesson!

So where are you at? Do you have a significant personal or corporate ambition? Is your motivation and preparation adequate to cover the cost of the journey to a new normal? Has it been vetted and supported in tandem with an objective champion? A qualified coach can be a vital resource in assisting you to reach your goals.


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