Cross Generation Coach/Mentor

I heard it said that the two best days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you realized WHY you were born. This interaction is close to my heart motivation for embarking on coaching as a second life career.

Great partnerships and life-long friendships await those who dare to invest in cross generational friendships. The Younger possesses dynamic vitality, enthusiasm, energy, and youthful culture insights, to name just a few attributes. The Senior offers the insights of experience, ability to encourage, the capacity to open doors, and the battle scars to avoid. They both show up as learners, recognizing the opportunity for a richer, and more relevant life path by including the other. Such has been my experience in both roles.

I offer career coaching, character trait assessments, foundation document development, and life coaching for those looking to develop your own life signature of integrity, style, and direction. I would love to have a real or virtual cup of coffee with you any time!


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