Would You Exchange A Perfect Storm For a Joy Ride?

There is a saying in the sailing community: “If you are even THINKING about reefing your sails…DO IT!”


It is a signal that somewhere inside, a sixth sense can see that winds are building, and you know that you could soon be overpowered into mayhem if you fail to act. Adjusting your life sails NOW will prepare you for controlled exhilarating ride into the new reality that comes our way daily.


Three Signals I’ve Learned To Heed:

  1. Being over extended. Over emphasis on your dominant strength can be your undoing. Have you leveraged your finances, your schedule, your health, or your relationships to the maximum? You can feel the strain, in exchange for the gain. It works for a short time, but something has to (and will) give. “I think I can keep all sails flying full for just a few more minutes!” Really? Is that wise?
  2. Being out of balance. Not enough of a good thing can be our undoing. This warning signal would apply when you have ignored one area of life or business, while having a reasonable emphasis on the others. That area may be painful to address now, but will likely be amplified if left unattended. You could fall into that hole! “The boat is hard to handle. What do I need to adjust to reduce the strain?”
  3. Being Complacent. Being comfortable can be your undoing. Things are going just great. Why should I change? Like it or not, our global and personal worlds are dynamic. There is often pain involved when we ignore or react slowly to new circumstances because we want to maintain the status quo. “Yeah, I know we could make a few adjustments and make an extra 10 miles today, but this is OK.” Is it? What if you got blasted by a squal when you could have already been safe at anchor?


So, how do you handle life issues? Do you react early when you see things escalating, or do you gamble against the overpowering storm? Conversely, do you proactively hoist full sails to benefit from the first sign of favorable breezes when the gusts have subsided? Are you having a well balanced and controlled life ride?


An action oriented exchange with a courageous and qualified coach can empower you to be more sensitive to impending change, and proactive in your world. I would truly welcome the opportunity to hear from you to explore our fit to work together through a complimentary and confidential coaching conversation.


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