Life’s Thrill Terror Exchange Is Constant

It was a perfectly calm, hot Montana summer afternoon. I was lounging in our sailboat’s cockpit, enjoying the nothingness that enveloped Lakeside Bay. The mainsail hung slack on the mast above me, as the boat veered aimlessly in the wake of passing ski boats. We had just finished lunch, and my wife was snoozing on the berth down below. All was good in the world.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something curious. I flicked away a pesky wasp and tried to focus. About two miles to the south, there appeared to be a small spec of a sailboat silhouette tacking across the lake at what looked to be a good rate of speed. How could that be? I sat up and paid very close attention. It looked like a southerly wind line was moving rapidly up the lake. The binoculars confirmed the approaching white caps.

“Time to wake up, Honey. We are going to be sailing flat out in 10 minutes. All hands on deck!” Sure enough, a short time later, we had our boat prepped  for a stiff breeze, and were perched as ballast side by side on the starboard rail, enjoying the thrill of a romp across Flathead Lake. Instant Yee Haw!!

Sailing has been defined as “Terror at 5MPH!” Life is like that too! Most of the time, it can move at a predictable pace, and we can get lulled into that lazy hot afternoon feeling. We may even start to think that this is the life we deserve. Well. No matter how amazing, or average, or adverse things may be for you right now, you can be certain of one thing. They will not remain that way. Health, wealth, relationships, and even our own initiated plans are a constantly creating a new, and often, unexpected path. That constant exchange is the beauty of life.

My question is:

“How do you handle this constant exchange?”

Is it unfair? Are you bitter?

Is it normal? Do you take it in stride?

Is it exciting? Do you embrace the “whitecaps” as a growth opportunity?

Our attitudes and available resources determine how resilient and engaging we are as we endure, enjoy, and shape our circumstance.

At times, it can be a real benefit to have a courageous and competent coach on your team to keep focused, balanced, and proactive on this journey. I would welcome your note to schedule a complimentary conversation to see how you could be best equipped for the changes sure to come.


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