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My Brown Eyes and I summoned up the courage to match our motivation in the spring of 2015, and committed ourselves to trailer our Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, s/v GUST-O, to Florida, to sail there and then on to the Bahamas the following January. We would be accompanying our dear, and much more experienced friends, Reggie and Barbara. They are “Old Cal Hands” on their Cal 36, s/v Submit.

It was a wonderful adventure, which included 13,000km of road trip, and sailing around Florida, and to the Bahamas. We increased the size of our fun threshold, became better sailors, made big life decisions, and resolved to go out into the great world again soon.

You are welcome to share in the adventure. We would be happy to send you a pdf copy of the 50 pictoral posts (15Mb) that provide all the details. Just send us an email.



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